What Are the Best Vegetables to Plant in April?

Spring is here and although we are still experiencing the chill of the season now is the time to begin planting your seeds. We are always thinking about how to expand our too-short growing season and including thinking about the question, what are the best vegetables to plant in April?


Some vegetables will really thrive when planted indoors. When starting your indoor seeds we recommend using all natural gardening practices, like those used in the production of our biodynamic wine. These organic methods will ensure your harvest is as healthy as it is delicious.

So, what are the best vegetables to plant in April?


Lettuce lends itself particularly well to indoor growth and is easily transplanted into an outdoor garden. Sow the seeds directly into a large container, cover the container with plastic and be sure temperatures in the room don’t exceed 70℉. After a few days check for seedings, take off the plastic, and put the container under a grow light.


Not only is broccoli a delicious superfood, it is an absolute essential for so many summer dishes. You’ll want to thin your seedlings by cutting rather than pulling so you don’t disturb the seedlings you want to keep. Similarly to lettuce, you’ll want to keep temperatures between 50 to 70℉.


Tomatoes can be finicky but are worth every ounce of the care they require. Keep in mind that they don’t like it cold so you may consider preheating your soil before planting. You can also plant your seeds in a larger container to avoid having to transfer to a bigger pot before planting outdoors.

Whatever you decide to plant this April, you’re going to want to stop at your local market and grab a bottle of your favorite biodynamic wine to pair with the delicious dishes you’ll be making!