Finding Inner Peace with Wine

You’ve had a long day. Maybe work was especially challenging – maybe your children were especially challenging! Maybe stresses and cares are weighing you down. Maybe you were unable to practice yoga, meditation, or a kick-butt boot camp class because you were busy. We get it! A glass of your favorite, most relaxing wine can help you find a minute to yourself.

We’re not talking about grabbing a glass while you’re frantically cooking dinner, answering emails, cleaning up, or trying to get fussy toddlers into bed. We’re talking about taking the time to savor wine to relax.

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Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a board-certified internist, says, “Drinking wine … is one of the most time-honored ways for disconnecting our brains at the end of the day. … [It[ calms transiently because it’s a central nervous depressant.” In other words, wine creates a mild sedative effect. But as we know, going overboard is harmful to our health. How do you drink wine to relax – within reason?

Enjoy a glass of wine at dinner.

It will calm you without impacting your ability to sleep. If you drink too much before bed, you’ll not be able to get your best quality Zzzz’s.

Take your time.

Pour a chilled glass of un-oaked chardonnay or silky merlot. Stop and take the time to savor the unique flavors. Breathe deeply.

You may wonder what’s the most relaxing wine? The one that you enjoy most! Although, there is some evidence to suggest that red wine is most associated with relaxation. But if you’re a white-wine drinker, go for it!

Opt for organic wines.

You can relax knowing exactly what you are putting into your body – and what you are not. No preservatives. No chemicals. No impurities. Just carefully tended grapes meticulously transformed into soothing, organic wine.

Drinking wine to relax is indeed a time-honored tradition. When you make it an experience that is calm, comforting, and quiet, you may just find the stress relief you need!