Wine Pairings for Every Course

Pairing wine with the perfect culinary complement can seem intimidating. There are so many “rules,” it would take an experienced sommelier to navigate the tricky terrain. Fear not: with a little knowledge, you can serve and indulge with confidence.

Perfect Pairs

Pairing wine with food helps enhance flavor and gustatory experience of each. For example, serving Sauvignon Blanc and veggies is an ideal choice. While the light, dry wine has a flavor profile that includes lime, peach, and passion fruit, you can also detect notes of herbs and greens.Fresh and bright, it adds a clear vibrancy to dishes from salads to sushi to goat cheese. An unforgettable addition to your salad course, and it also is a fine choice for appetizers (pairing well with carbs, such as a loaf of crusty warm bread).

Whites like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are also wonderful accompaniments to courses with roasted vegetables and light fish (grilled, steamed, etc.). If you garden, these wines enable you to show off the fresh product and herbs, letting those aromatic flavors really come out.

Natura Chardonnay is a smooth option for dishes containing greens, roasted vegetables, richer  fish (say, a lovely salmon in buttery sauce), and white meats. The subtle tropical taste is balanced perfectly with a touch of herbs. The slight acidity brings a crisp freshness to these courses.

When it comes to hearty flavors, such as red meats, smoked and cured meats, hard cheeses, and chunky red sauces, you need a robust wine. Natura Cabernet is a well-rounded wine with hints of black and red berries and a lovely touch of vanilla and toffee.Complex, it is able to pair up with “meaty” dishes without being lost. Merlot is another good choice for main courses, as it pairs beautifully with red, white, and cured meats, as well as hard cheeses.

Finding perfect pairings needn’t be overwhelming; in fact, it’s a culinary adventure as you experiment, explore, and discover your favorites. Whether you choose your wine after you plan your meal or create dishes based on your wine selection, a little thought here can transform your meals.