Why Do Wine Bottles Have Dimples on the Bottom?

Picking out a bottle of wine can be as much about looks as it is about taste for some of us! From the long neck and thickness of the glass, to the dimple at the bottom of the bottle. But how much of this actually contributes to the flavor and quality of the wine? And what purpose does the wine bottle bottom depression actually serve?

bottom of wine bottle

There are many theories and myths as to why wine bottles have a bottom depression, which is known as a punt. Perhaps you’ve thought this was an indication of the quality of the wine or, more sinisterly, a clever technique used by wine sellers to skimp a bit on the bottle. With so much speculation one has to wonder, does the wine bottle bottom depression serve a purpose at all?

Truthfully, the punt became unnecessary as soon as bottles started being made by machines instead of glass blowers. The wine punt purpose was originally to push the seam up so the wine bottle could stand flat. The practice continues today out of tradition and an appreciation for the aesthetic.

The wine punt purpose may be moot, but we still benefit from some happy side effects of the wine bottle bottom depression. The punt can catch sediment so it doesn’t mix back into the wine. It creates a place for your thumb to rest, steadying the bottle while you pour. Additionally, bottles with punts can be used for sparkling wines as they are more resistant to high pressure by design.

The most important myth to bust here is that a punt is an indication of quality. Though we might agree they can look lovely and they do serve some unintended purposes, it is impossible to judge the quality of a wine by the presence or absence of a punt!

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