Why You Need to Try Goat Yoga

Hot yoga, bikram yoga, hatha yoga….goat yoga? Yes, goat yoga is a thing. It is a trend that originated right here in Oregon and is attracting thousands of followers.  So what is it?

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Goat yoga is just a regular yoga class, but it takes place in a functioning barn. Sometimes the furry yogis give you a curious sniff, but other times they get up close and personal, climbing on your back or in your lap to participate in a pose.  Sure, it’s a bit of a distraction at first, but it’s a good one as nothing puts you in the moment like a goat!

You’re probably wondering now how this unusual practice even got started. Well, it’s Oregon! We’re the home of innovation, just look at Natura wines. Goat yoga began on Lainey Morse’s farm in Albany, Oregon, after a yoga instructor approached her following an event at the farm. Morse liked the suggestion of hosting yoga classes in the barn, but made it clear that the goats would be there, too. It is their home, after all.

The concept didn’t take long to catch on, because who doesn’t want to try a downward dog with a small farm animal perched on their back? Apparently lots of people do, because hundreds have signed up to participate in one of the goat yoga classes at Morse’s barn since that first session.

Goat Yoga | Natura Wines


Goat Yoga | Sustainable Wines | Natura


It’s definitely a quirky trend, but it’s one we can get on board with. As a creator of sustainable wine selections, we understand that strengthening our connection with our natural world is essential, and we appreciate the work Morse is doing to bring people and her animals together.

Whether it’s yoga and goats or wine and people, happiness can be found sometimes under the most unusual circumstances.  And that’s wonderful. If you’re on the wait list to try goat yoga, try connecting to nature with one of Natura Wines crisp options. You do you. Goat: optional. Terrific sustainable wine: a must!