Valentine’s Day Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples | Natura Wines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t started making plans for you and your sweetheart, it’s time to get on it! Instead of going with the fancy dinner and box of chocolates that so many other couples will be doing this year, why not plan a fun outdoor date? Whether you’re in an area that’s cold and snowy or warm and sunny, there are lots of outdoor activities that you and your special someone can do together to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day. Check out our Valentine’s Day ideas below!

Take in the scenery with a romantic hike. Break out your hiking boots and find a local place known for its stunning vistas. Take a pack for the essentials and a few extras, like a decadent snack and a bottle of wine.

Head to the park for a picnic. If you’re in a warmer locale, setting up a picnic is classic old-school romantic. Pack some goodies, and don’t be afraid to get fancy here – think aged cheeses, fine chocolate, and something great to sip on. When you’re putting together this picnic of all things pure and delicious, go for a wine that totally embraces the outdoors, like Natura. Spread out on a comfy blanket, enjoy your treats, and get snuggly!

Ice skating for two. What is it about ice skating that’s so romantic? Maybe it’s the hand-holding or the cold weather that makes you want to cuddle up. Whatever it is, a trip to your local outdoor ice rink is a great way to ring in Valentine’s Day!

Get in touch with your animal instincts at the zoo. Zoos aren’t just for kids, and this is actually the perfect time of year to plan a visit. There will be less crowds, and many animals are more active in cooler weather.

Find a hill and go sledding. If there’s snow on the ground, take advantage of it! Bundle up, grab your sled, and find the nearest hill for a little winter-weather thrill-seeking. It’s the perfect excuse to get close with your valentine, and if you’re feeling ornery, you can even start a good-natured snowball fight!

Go camping (or glamping!) – Most people save their camping adventures for the summer, but they’re missing out on one of the best times of year for temporary outdoor living! Pitch your tent and spend your evenings cuddled by the campfire and your days enjoying the great outdoors.

Contrary to what so many believe, Valentine’s Day is not necessarily an indoor holiday. There are lots of ways you can celebrate your togetherness and indulge your love for the outdoors this February 14, so start planning, and be sure to pick up a bottle of organic wine for the day.

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