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Capturing the wonders of the natural world on film requires a skill, a keen eye, and lots of patience. You can learn to take impressive photos that truly capture the essence of Mother Nature’s bounty. Some tips:

Get in touch with nature. Spend time studying your subject, whether it’s plants, animals, or a landscape.  Learn nature’s ways and watch how it responds to different elements or conditions. Having a better understanding of what you’re photographing will help you get that “money” shot you’re after.

    • Get to know your equipment. The best photographers know their tools inside and out. Get familiar with your camera’s capabilities and limitations so you can determine the best settings for your photographs.
    • Experiment. While you’re familiarizing yourself with your equipment, spend some time experimenting. That’s how you find your favorite Natura Chardonnay, and that’s how you’ll get your ideal shots. Experimenting allows you to see different outcomes based on varying conditions and circumstances.
    • Practice patience. Nature moves at its own pace; learning to be patient is a must. Sometimes the perfect shot happens right away, other times it takes hours, days, or maybe even never materializes. The reward: even if you don’t get “the” shot, maybe  you’ll get something unexpected.
  • Take a lot of pictures. The more photos you take, the better your chances are of finding “the one.” Snap away! So what if you have 100 pictures of a mountain stream? There will be subtle differences in each, with one of these possibly elevating the photo to the “amazing” category.

Enjoy yourself. What’s the point if you’re not  having fun? Take a deep breath and inhale the fresh air, open your eyes and ears to take it all in, and just relax. Make a day out of your next nature photography excursion. Pack some tasty snacks and drinks (Natura Wines are an excellent choice), and enjoy!