The Benefits of Drinking Organic Wine from Organic Grapes

Benefits of Drinking Organic Wine

Have you heard the great news? Over the course of several decades, studies have shown that wine can help prevent serious health conditions, like cardiovascular disease and dementia, and that it can boost the resistance to allergens. Because there are so many other factors in the growth of the grapes for wine today, however, many question the validity of those benefits in today’s wines. Enter organic wine, and wines from organically grown grapes. Almost a throwback to the wines of centuries ago that were grown free of pesticides and chemicals in that perfect agricultural environment, organic wines have advantages others simply don’t.

What Exactly is Wine from Organic Grapes?

Let’s start by explaining exactly what organic wines are. Quite simply, it’s all about purity. The organic grapes used to make wines like Natura are grown using only natural fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. No synthetic chemicals are allowed in our growth process or in the wine-making process as a whole. Our wines are completely processed without involvement from any kind of synthetics, including colors, tastes or reagents.

A Closer Look At The Benefits of Organic Wine

While organic wines enjoy some of the same health benefits other wine options do, the list of advantages is far longer for these unique wines.

Organic wines have fewer sulphites. While all wines contain natural sulphites, many wines today contain heavier levels for a variety of reasons. Those with fewer sulphites, though, mean a real health benefit and the ability for those with sulphite allergies to enjoy the health benefits, too.

Organic wines are eco-friendly. You’re probably already doing everything you can to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. From cutting back on your energy usage to employing things like rain barrels, moving to an organic wine is a natural step in the process. They’re grown without real impact to the ecosystem, so you can enjoy the fact that you’re consuming something that isn’t impacting your own efforts to go green.

Organic wines protect families across the globe. Pesticides aren’t good for anyone. In the event families or towns are located near a winery, the application of pesticides means an opportunity for them to leach into the water supply, food supply, and more. That can cause serious health damage at every level, but organic wines never use chemical-laden pesticides, making them far safer for nearby families and the farm workers themselves.

The health benefits of wine are phenomenal, but the health benefits of organic wines are clearly the safer choice. Which Natura wine varietal is your favorite?