Share Your Love of the Outdoors, and Organic Wine, with Your Partner

Share Your Love of the Outdoors, and Organic Wine, with Your Partner

You love the outdoors, but your partner… not so much. While sipping organic wine next to a blazing campfire, before snuggling up under the stars sounds like the perfect night to you, your significant other would much rather check in to a hotel and order room service.

As a fresh air lover you know first-hand how fantastic it feels to get your outdoorphins. In addition to making us feel happy, spending time outside has been proven to improve our sleep patterns, lower levels of depression, improve our focus and strengthen our immunity.

It’s only natural that you’d want to share these health benefits and happy feelings with the one you love. Here are some tips on making the process of introducing a reluctant partner to outdoor activities as fun and easy as possible. When done right, you’ll see that hanging out in nature together can actually improve your communication skills, create more of a romantic spark, and make your relationship stronger both indoors and out.

Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone

The first step is to convince your partner to break out of his or her comfort zone to try something new. Express your desire to go hiking/biking/camping/skiing with them as opposed to alone or with your friends, and explain that this activity is something you really enjoy.

You can also try giving your partner a few outdoor options, and letting them make a choice as to which one you try together. If he or she plays a role in choosing the activity, they may feel less anxious about it.

Set Them Up For Success

Once you’ve agreed on an activity, come up with a game plan to make your partner feel as comfortable as possible. Try to remember that although an activity like skiing may come as naturally as walking to you, your partner is likely feeling nervous, unsure, and maybe even a little bit embarrassed.

We recommend providing your significant other with the opportunity to get some experience in before you head out together. Buy him/her a private lesson, or sign him/her up for a class with other beginners. This allows them to learn at their own pace, and gain some confidence before you two hit the slopes together, making for a much more relaxed day when you do.

Respect Differences

Try to have some empathy when introducing your partner to a new activity- keep in mind that he/she is not built like you, and has nowhere near the amount of experience that you do. Try to take it easy and don’t push like a drill sergeant, unless you want to ensure that he/she never comes out with you again.

End on a Happy Note

After your planned activity has come to come to an end, “celebrate” your partner’s bravery with a nice meal and a glass or two of his/her favorite organic wine. The happy energy from the outdoorphins, plus some delicious Natura wine is sure to end the day on a positive note.

Down the road, once you and your partner have become more outdoorsy together, you may also want to consider getting a dog. That is sure to get you two out there together and exploring!