5 Yogi-Inspired Resolutions for the New Year

Do resolutions for the new year really work? The tradition is most famous for people not following up on them! Let’s make 2019 different – a year of growth and exploration! What are some yogi-inspired resolutions for the new year? You can learn about wine, become a better writer, train for a 5 or 10 or 50k… It’s all up to you!

Resolutions for the New Year | Learn About Wine | Natura Wines
  1. Take that slightly intimidating hike. Maybe there’s a hike you’ve avoided because it takes too much time or it’s just a little too difficult. Schedule it for mid-year. Now you’ve got to make the time, and you’ve got to do some other hikes to be ready for your goal. This way, your goal isn’t broad and easy to fail, like “hike more,” or “re-connect with nature.” You’ll enjoy those experiences on the way.
  2. Take a friend to yoga class. Maybe you’ve been skipping. Maybe you quit entirely. Saying you’ll get back there is something you can postpone indefinitely. Make plans with a friend and you’re tied in. Forming habits is much easier when someone close is joining you. Now it’s not about how often you can do yoga, it’s about how often you can enjoy the experience with a friend.
  3. Write a weekly chapter, or poem, or scene. Whatever kind of writer you are, it’s hard to find the time to sit and get the work done. So make it a goal and set aside the time to write every week, without fail. Maybe you won’t get a chapter, poem, or scene done every week, but having the goal and setting aside the time means you’ll get a lot more done if you hadn’t started.
  4. Learn about wine. The things that help you unwind and be at peace with yourself are important. For some people, that’s a responsible learning relationship with wine. For others, it might be finding the time to read. Others might want to learn knitting. Whatever you enjoy at the end of the day to calm you, pursue knowledge about it.
  5. Practice daily meditation. Start by taking 5 minutes a day to meditate; you’ll notice that it starts to change your days. It can slow down the overwhelming feelings and help you meet your challenges more calmly. Make 5 minutes a day your goal, and chances are you’ll successfully create the time for more. Sometimes, resolutions for the new year are more about taking a first step consistently.

What are your resolutions for the new year?