6 Ways to Pick the Right Wine Glasses

Choosing wine glasses can be overwhelming, especially when you hear people saying that certain types of glasses are better for certain types of wines. While there is truth in that, there’s no rule that says you have to own 12 different styles to accommodate your eclectic tastes. We promise you’ll enjoy your Chilean wine just as much as your sustainable wines if you keep it simple (ideally the wines will be both Chilean and sustainable).

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  1. Make sure you choose a clear glass. While we love color as much as anyone else, it isn’t the best choice for wine glasses. Part of the enjoyment of drinking wine is in admiring the color of it. Opt for transparent stemware that will allow unobstructed viewing of the wine’s unique hues.
  2. Go big or go home. Wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes, but our recommendation is to choose a bigger glass with a bowl shape. And not because it allows for bigger pours! A larger, bowl-shaped glass gives you space to swirl the wine and bring out those aromas.
  3. Don’t pick a thick glass. You’re drinking sustainable wines here, not coffee. The only reason you’d ever want a thick glass is for a hot beverage, and wine is only ever occasionally served hot or warm after it’s been mulled. A thinner glass that has minimal interference between you and the wine is the best choice.
  4. Don’t pick a super thin glass, either. There’s a difference between thin and too thin. The ones that are too thin may look pretty and delicate, but they won’t hold up over time with regular use. Try to find that happy medium that still looks great, but can handle parties and your dishwasher…or you on a Friday night.
  5. Buy stemmed glasses. Tumbler-style glasses aren’t without their benefits, but they’re not our top choice. Why? The smudges! There’s nothing to hold onto but the glass itself, and the result is a smeared glass that just doesn’t look pretty anymore! Plus, there’s also the (albeit small) concern that body heat from your hands will warm chilled wines and make them less palatable.
  6. Consider the rim. There are two types of rims on wine glasses: tapered or flared. Tapered rims help trap the wine’s aroma inside the glass (a good thing), while flared rims work to direct the aroma and flow to the front of the palate (also good). Which do you prefer?

Shopping for the perfect glasses for your favorite Chilean wine shouldn’t be a complicated process. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you like. Cheers!