How to Make Organic White Wine Your Winter Friend

White wines are often reserved for the summer. Why is that? It’s not as if there’s a sudden shortage during the winter! Natural wine brands are changing the perception of winter white wine. They’re doing this through rich, full, organic white wine that can often out-duel red wines for cold weather enjoyment!

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Chardonnay for the Holiday

Chardonnay has a good heft to it, with full-bodied taste and mouthfeel. It complements many hearty winter dishes and tastes delicious next to a good soup or stew. Its smoothness can help bring out the flavor of a slow evening watching the snow gently fall.

Riesling Feels Right

This is so often pegged as a summer wine, but don’t let your thinking get trapped there. Riesling has a complex dryness that makes hearty meals taste sumptuous. It can also have a very gentle sweetness that lingers, lending it increasing body and mouthfeel as you continue sipping.

Sherry for Sure

Sherry has evolved perhaps more than any other wine in recent years. Modern varieties are excellent compliments for most meals. Try it yourself before deciding. It can create intriguing tastes with first courses and appetizers.

Sparkling Wines to Celebrate

Older sparkling wines sit very well in winter. Where a red wine can set the mood for a long winter’s evening, sometimes that’s not the space you want to be in. A sparkling wine can shake you out of it. When it’s time to celebrate, nothing says winter more thoroughly than sparkling organic white wine.

Dessert Wines Because “Dessert” is in the Title

Let’s be real: winter is time for baking, and baking means desserts. Dessert whites are perfect on their own for some delectable sweetness. To get the most out of them, pair them with cheesecakes, puddings, and pies. A good pairing can turn the dessert itself into the star of the show!

For the best winter whites, stick to natural wine brands. These often provide complex tastes with more body. Organic white wine fits the season exceptionally well. Enjoy!