Organic Cabernet Sauvignon: What Are Its Characteristics?

The characteristics of cabernet sauvignon wine are wildly unique. It originated in the Bordeaux region of France. Since then, varieties have been created the world over, with some of the most exceptional coming from Chile. Here, organic cabernet sauvignon enjoys growing conditions that add incredible characteristics.

Characteristics of cabernet sauvignon wine | Organic cabernet sauvignon | Natura Wines of Chile

What Each Trait Tells You

The characteristics of cabernet sauvignon wine start with its aromas. You’ll notice a blend that suggests the climate where the grapes were grown. Cherry, mint, and bell pepper suggest it was grown in a cold weather climate. Chocolate, cedar, and vanilla suggest a warm weather climate.

Cabernet sauvignon from the Rapel Valley of Chile is characterized first by a rare combination of aromas: strawberries, black currants, and a finishing hint of dark chocolate. The taste is a complex marriage of traits that are difficult to find. The organic cabernet sauvignon from this region is incredibly fruit forward and yet velvety smooth. The tannins are sweet and linger with a strong finish. The wine’s ruby red brightness even hides an especially bold structure.

The Perfect Pairings

The ideal serving temperature for an organic cabernet sauvignon like this is between 60-68 degrees. The sheer complexity of a wine like this means that it pairs well with just about meat or poultry dish. Special mention goes to how the dark fruit flavors pair well with red meat. The sweet tannins and medium acidity, on the other hand, make it ideal for dishes like duck.

It’s also a good wine to pair with cheeses of strong flavor. So many other wines don’t hold up to aged cheddar, stilton, or blue cheese. A large glass of cabernet has the taste, tannins, and acidity to raise the finest qualities of these cheeses. 

For a special treat, try apple smoked gouda, and don’t be afraid to pair asiago or gruyere. A strong goat cheese will also work. 

Breathe, Watch, Listen

This is also a good wine to linger. It’s recommended you decant it for about an hour, but not everyone wants to wait an hour for their favorite wine. Nonetheless, this signals that it’s a perfect wine for a big glass that you can sit with and sip for a long time. This means it holds and even improves in flavor as you swirl it, allowing you ample time to enjoy its complexity and rare flavor while you take a peaceful moment to breathe, relax, and take the world in refreshed.