How Do You Connect with Nature in Winter?

The easiest way to connect with nature in winter is to simply go out into it. At some point you’ve got to come back inside, though. The best part of winter is warming up with your favorite hot treats. From local winter veggies to hot cocoa and cozy blankets to Natura Wines, this is how to bring the most comforting aspects of winter inside.

Nature in Winter | Natura Wines

Locally Grown Veggies

When people think of winter, they think of roasts for dinner and pies for dessert. Don’t forget the veggies, though! Local produce is some of the best comfort food. Winter features the hardiest of veggies. Bake brown sugar roasted sweet potatoes as a delicious snack or side dish. Double the flavors in your stew by remembering carrots, turnips, parsnips, and potatoes – and do not forget that beautiful winter squash. A buttercup roasted with butter and maple syrup served with a crisp Chardonnay… yum! Buy local for the freshest and tastiest winter produce.

Indoor Plants for Cleaner Air

It’s simple to enjoy nature in winter. Adopt some plants! They are not only beautiful, they clean the air. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, spider plants, aloe vera, peace lilies, and English ivy are all known to clean the air and even remove off-gases from artificial materials. That can help alleviate colds and make you feel much better indoors. Just put them some place where your pets won’t start snacking on them!

Notice the Quiet

You know how everything sounds a little quieter after a fresh snow? That’s because it is! Snow absorbs sound waves. This is why everything can seem so peaceful and still. Our senses are less overwhelmed. Combined with less traffic and more people staying inside, this is a great time to go outside and get the most out of that quiet. Take deep, clear breaths and pay attention to the sounds you do hear: you’ll notice birds, pines rustling, and many other things you would have ignored before. It’s a great stress reliever.

Get the Most Out of Warming Up

Enjoy nature in winter with a good hike, walk, sledding session… or snowball fight. Once you go inside, wrap up. Get the fireplace going or cuddle with a dog. Fire up that hot chocolate or have a glass of one of your favorite Natura Wines for a different kind of warmth. Remember all the things that help slow the world down, and make you feel at peace in it.

So Much More!

Winter’s a great time for stargazing because there’s less haze on clear nights. Sunsets are striking when oranges and pinks bounce off the snow. Keep a bird feeder – this helps out local birds and gives you something to watch in the mornings that isn’t on a screen. And of course, make snow people, snow mazes, snow forts, the list goes on!

If you want to connect with nature in the winter, there is a delicious variety of ways to do so!