The Best Jobs for a Nature Enthusiast

Are you are a nature enthusiast? Great! Being outdoors is as essential as breathing – so what’s the best job for you?

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There are a variety of choices that offer you the chance to enjoy Mother Nature, from planting trees to working for natural wine brands.

Tree Planting

Believe it or not, there are jobs for tree planters out there. Understandably, walking through the wilderness and planting trees is in high demand. It’s a pretty great job, so openings are rare and hotly contested. It’s also a harder job than you might think – it requires dedication.


There are a number of jobs as conservationists and ecologists available. They require a lot of hard work and study. Communities and businesses rely on these jobs more than they realize – they keep drinking water safe, soil and land usable, help plan for natural disaster resistance, and keep air pollution down, among other things.

For decades, these jobs were surefire paths to steady lifetime employment. Just be aware the last two years have seen budget cuts and hiring freezes that make these positions a little more tenuous.

Park Ranger

The classic job a nature enthusiast thinks of is a park ranger. There’s good reason for this! You’re outdoors, helping to protect both guests and animals. You might take part in searches, lead tours, or assist guests. This job requires a lot of independence and flexibility, as a lot of different duties may present themselves.

Organic Farmer

The organic food industry has revitalized small-scale and specialty farming in many areas. It’s hard work, but you can focus on specialty areas. You can harvest crops, focus in growing science, or sell to supermarkets, grocers, and restaurants. You can even work with foods you love, like natural wine brands, to help grow local and regional economies.


Geologists are eminently employable because land is always being used and developed. The job typically requires a lot of travel, but if you’re up for it, geologists have long, fascinating careers.


Zoologists might work in a zoo, as the name suggests, or might work out in the field studying animals and their environment. They specialize in a particular kind of animal, or a particular environment. If you end up working in a zoo, know that many are trending more toward animal rehabilitation, which many people find very fulfilling.

These are just a few of the amazing jobs that are out there. Your options don’t end here, though. Some require school, like botany, archaeology, and paleontology. Some are self-starting: become a outdoor photographer on the weekends and create a niche for yourself.

If you’re a nature enthusiast and it’s in your heart, make a promise to yourself that you’ll learn more about outdoor work.