Natura Wines Organic-Biodynamic Vineyards (Info-graphic)

Organic and biodynamic agriculture is the bet way to obtain more balanced, healthy and productive vineyards, which translates into better quality of grapes and sustainable wines.

Agriculture: Each of our vineyards is a faithful reflection of the organic practices we use, which are based on encouraging biodiversity and the absence of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers to produce healthier foods.

Understanding the cycle and rhythms of the sun, moon, planets snd their influencers, we program the different activities and agricultural work using the biodynamic calendar, thus obtaining higher quality in our wines.

Why do we choose this type of agriculture? 

We care for the earth.

We avoid environmental problems, in the future.

We improve the quality of our grapes and wines.

Sustainable Wines | Natura Wines

Interactive Vineyard: It is fundamental for us to promote the development and consistence of different species within our vineyards., In Emiliana lives alpacas, horses, cows, birds, hens, gallinetas, geese, etc. All of them full-fill a fundamental function within the vineyard.

Trees, plants and flowers have a general objective to increase the biodiversity, as far as vegetation is concerned, as well as to benefit insects, birds, etc.

Our workers are the ones that make this project unique to Chile possible, day by day, meeting the highest quality standards, which are finally reflected in the wines we want to share with our consumers.

At Emiliana, we have international certifications that demonstrate our commitment to sustainable wines, respecting workers, the environment and the community.