Your Natural Wine Questions Answered

Now more than ever, we are all looking for ways to improve our quality of life and increase the amount of natural, healthy, earth-friendly items we consume. To this end, natural wine brands have become a hot trend. Don’t let this turn you off – sometimes things really are popular for good reason!

Natural Wine FAQs

Believe it or not, natural wine is nothing new. It’s actually been the traditional way of making wine for literally thousands of years.

As wine is produced on a larger scale, the importance of nurturing the land grows exponentially. Respect for the environment, our bodies, and our health lead us to making decisions as consumers that veer towards the natural. Natural wine brands, such as Natura, that understand the importance of practices like organic farming are gaining popularity for their ethics as well as their delicious, high-quality products.

Natural wine brands vineyard

How Does Natural Wine Taste?

Hand-picked grapes turned to wine without the aid of additives is what gives us that sensational natural wine taste. Contrary to much of what we read and hear, you may be surprised to learn that natural wine taste can vary greatly by varietal. Natural wine brands use different practices and even hold themselves to different standards to meet the definition of natural wine. Brands that value high-quality, clean and healthier wine know that natural begins with organic farming practices.

What Defines Natural Wine Brands?

The standards that natural wine brands are held to in order to earn the label natural wine do tend to vary from country to country. This means that not all natural wines will be made using organic growing techniques. Stick with brands that you know value the integrity of our planet and the importance of producing a delicious, high quality wine that you will keep coming back for time and time again.

Natural wine should begin with organically or biodynamically farmed grapes, which are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. The journey from fields to your glass is essential.

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