Natura Wines Biodegradable Plantable Pencils

As the organizers of the incomparable Wanderlust say, “Transformation begins here.” These festivals are the ultimate celebration of mindful living. Attendees delve deeper into their yoga practices, experience great music, explore gorgeous natural surroundings, learn from inspirational thought leaders, and sample local organic foods and green wines. Here at Natura, we also believe transformation starts here. That it starts with you.

If you are a lover of green wine you'll love our plantable pencils.

Every act, big or small, has an impact. We want ours to create a positive impact. Natura Wines gave away Sprout biodegradable plantable pencils as gifts at the Wanderlust Festivals. This is no ordinary branded merch: Sprout creates “sustainable products with a second life.”

Our Natura branded pencils were great for jotting down new friends’ contact information or the name of that really great sustainable wine you had with dinner. Made of sustainable PEFC or FSC-certified cedar, you can feel good about this product. Every time a tree is harvested, a new one is planted. The core is made of graphite and clay, and the eraser is, of course, filled with non-GMO seed.

When the pencil gets too short to write with, Sprout’s biodegradable plantable pencils are ready to do a little transforming of their own.

All you have to do is fill a flower pot or container with potting soil and plant the water-soluble pencil eraser-side down. Soon, you’ll be watching basil, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, sage, thyme, mint, forget-me-not, sunflowers, sweet peppers, or other herbs, veggies, and flowers sprout up.

If you're a lover of green wines chances are you'll love our plantable pencils.

These pencils are a fabulous way to spread your name and spread some joy. If you need branded merchandise, choose the product that keeps on giving to its recipients.
Natura is committed to delivering the world’s best green wines and making a positive impact on our world. Sprout was a terrific partner in this endeavor!