Natura Wines & Keep America Beautiful’s Earth Day Initiatives

Here at Natura, we’re passionate about our fans and making our planet a better place. From nurturing the land at our vineyards and cultivating organic grapes of superior quality to create our vegan wine, to getting involved in the communities where our fans live, we actively do our part to give back.

Last fall we began our partnership with national nonprofit Keep America Beautiful (KAB) to build and sustain vibrant communities. Together Natura Wines and KAB completed a variety of local beautifying and “greening” projects, storm water management projects, and improving the overall vibrancy of outdoor spaces around the country. Many of the projects emphasized native plantings, which aligns with Natura and Emiliana’s philosophy in our organic vineyards. The biodiversity of native trees and flowers is fundamental to us, as native plantings are naturally more resistant to weather and water conditions, protect the land against erosion, and help to reforest the estate.

This spring, we are proud to announce that we will be making a donation to Keep America Beautiful, based on the initiative that matters most to our fans! In April, or Earth Month, we launched a poll on the Natura Wines’ Facebook page which allows fans to select one of four initiatives they’d like to see our donation go to. The initiatives include the following:

Build recycling awareness

America produces more than 250 million tons of trash a year. However, only about 35 percent is currently recycled. This initiative would address this concern by raising awareness about the benefits of recycling with the goal of making it a daily norm in American households.

Clean up and restoration

This litter cleanup initiative is designed to aesthetically improve the environment by creating more inviting parks and public spaces within communities. This initiative can also extend to more diverse challenges, such as removing graffiti, collecting recyclables, planting community gardens, and hosting educational events.

Plant native trees and flowers

The native planting initiative celebrates the value and power of native species in restoring ecological balance to the environment while creating greener, more beautiful communities.

Beautify urban areas

This initiative sets to improve the way our communities look through programs that beautify and clean our environment, including community gardens, restoring vacant lots, highway and shoreline beautification, urban forests, native and wildflower
plantings, graffiti removal and more.

Which initiative matters most to you? Vote for it on Natura Wines’ Facebook page.