Natura Vegan Wine: Guide to Glamping

For our nature-loving friends who could do without the mosquitoes and the whole sleeping bag situation, glamping, or glamorous camping, is hotter than ever. Gone are the days where driving a Winnebago to a national park is a fancy camping trip. Glamping allows people to be outdoorsy, with the indoor conveniences of air conditioning, private bathrooms, comfy beds (and let’s not forget our favorite – Chilean wine).

Our infographic below, “Natura’s Guide to Glamping,” outlines some of our favorite places in the United States to “glamp,” as well as some items you want to be sure to bring along with you. So, leave your sleeping bag and your tent at home, grab a bottle of Natura’s premier Chilean wine, and vegan wine, and get ready not to rough it in the great outdoors.

Natura Chilean Vegan Wine - Guide to Glamping Infograph


Learn more about the Natura Wines photo contest through Glamping Hub, and join the contest today! If you love our delicious vegan wine anyway, why not get a nature excursion along with it?