Natura & Easter Pairings (Infographic)

With the Easter holiday around the corner, dinner gatherings and festivities with friends and family are on everyone’s mind. If you’re in charge of serving your loved ones a delicious, memorable meal we’re here to help! Wine pairings can really enhance the overall meal and Natura wines are pure, fresh and delicious. Not to mention you can feel great about sharing because they are from 100% organically grown grapes. Our infographic below offers recommendations on how to pair some of your favorite traditional Easter dishes with Natura wines.

Easter Wine Pairing Meals & Deserts

Meat-lovers will appreciate the way Natura’s green wines complement your main dishes. For roast lamb we recommend the lush flavors of our Malbec – it has some really interesting savory notes and a perfect touch of spice. To bring out the flavor and juiciness of a turkey, pair it with our delightfully well-balanced Pinot Noir. A perfect red with turkey!  If, like many, you opt for ham, we recommend pairing it with the fresh citrus and herb flavors of our Chardonnay – it’s unoaked, and sure to please even those who want “anything but Chardonnay.” The combination of flavors is sure to wow your table.

On the lighter side, the crisp acidity of our Sauvignon Blanc will pair perfectly with most salmon and shellfish dishes. For veggie lovers, our Merlot’s slightly smoky and luscious attributes are the perfect enhancement to the rich flavors of most grilled vegetables. Oh, and by the way – all of our Natura wines are 100% vegan friendly – so your vegan guests can rest assured.

We’re all bound to have few chocolate eggs or bunnies…chocolate is even better (if that’s possible) with a glass of our robust Cabernet. Cheers to a “hoppy” holiday from Natura Wine!