How to Make Your Own Little Zen Garden

We could all use a little more zen in our lives. Whether practicing yoga, meditation or relaxation techniques (preferably with a glass of Natura sauvignon blanc – a delicious Chilean wine – in hand), there are lots of options for finding the peace we’re searching for. One fun and easy way to capture some tranquility is through a zen garden – a mini piece of heaven for your home or office.

Zen Garden Natura Sauvignon Blanc

The Japanese call these gardens karesansui, which translates to “dry mountain and water garden.” The main components of a zen garden are sand or gravel, rocks and other natural features. Here’s how to make your own:


  • Plate or other container
  • Sand
  • River rocks
  • Vegetation (wood, moss, succulents)
  • Mini rake or bamboo skewer


  1. Fill your container with the sand. Shake the container gently to evenly distribute and level the sand, and clean up any stray grains of sand that stick to the sides of the container.
  2. Arrange your rocks and vegetation in the sand. Place them in a visually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing way. You can create a pattern or just place them randomly, but be careful not to clutter the container.
  3. Using the rake or bamboo skewer, draw in the ripples that are characteristic of a zen garden. The ripples are meant to resemble water, and to invoke the sense of relaxation that comes with the sound of waves gently lapping on the shore. Do whatever feels right, whether it’s long and straight lines, squiggly lines, circles or other shapes. If you don’t like how it looks, simply smooth out the sand and try again.
  4. Grab a cup of coffee or a refreshing glass of Chilean wine, and admire your zen gardening handiwork.
  5. Place your garden in your home or office for a regular dose of zen where you need it most!

Your zen garden will reward you with many benefits, including increased relaxation, improved concentration and a general sense of well-being. Pro tip: We recommend you indulge yourself in peace and tranquility while sipping on some Natura sauvignon blanc.