How to Make Your Own Herb Garden

Is there anything better than caprese salad with vibrant basil and a glass of your favorite organic wine? Yes! A caprese salad with vibrant basil that you grew yourself. Whether you love this nutrient- and flavor-packed gem or crave dill, rosemary, chives, mint, parsley or lemongrass, make thyme (couldn’t resist) to make your own herb garden.

Organic Wine | Natura Wines

Fresh herbs take your culinary adventures to the next level; they’re not only tasty, they’re healthy and aesthetically pleasing. And, luckily, they’re easy to grow with a few basic supplies and some TLC.


  • Select your herbs. Your personal tastes will be the judge here; some great options to consider include chives, mint, basil, parsley, bay laurel, cilantro, thyme, lemongrass, coriander, oregano, rosemary, sage (start with an established plant), and lemon balm.
  • Do your homework. Different herbs require different types of care. For example, basil needs well-drained moist soil and warm, sunny conditions. If you don’t get a lot of light (especially during winter), opt for herbs like chives, mint, lemongrass, or oregano. You an always invest in an inexpensive grow light as well.



  • Prepare your containers. It’s easiest to have one container per herb to ensure they get the nutrients, water, and care they need to thrive. Make sure your pots have drainage holes, and you’ll want saucers under them to catch water. Fill the containers with seed-starting mix or potting soil.



  • Sow your seeds. Plant away! Follow the instructions on the seed packets to make sure you are planting at the right depth.



  • Take care of your future food. Most herbs will love a south-facing window and/or artificial grow lights. Water according to their needs (e.g. basil leaves should be dry to the touch). Use a fertilizer (like Miracle-Gro) every few weeks.



  • Enjoy your harvest. When you want a cup of fresh mint tea or chives on your baked potato, go to your indoor garden. You’ll need to trim or pinch back many herbs to keep them growing healthy, so enjoy!

Like crisp, refreshing Natura wines, fresh home-grown herbs make any dish taste even better!