How to Keep Wine Cool at the Beach

Picture this: Warm sun, soft sand, waves rolling in, and you enjoying it all on a comfy lounge chair, sipping a nice Chilean white wine. Ahh, perfection! The only thing that could ruin it is a bottle of sun-heated, warm wine. Yuck!

Chilean White Wine | Natura Chardonnay | Natura Wines

Here are a few ways to keep your wine (preferably a bright and balanced Natura chardonnay) cool on a hot day:

  • – Pack a cooler full of ice. This seems like the obvious choice! And for good reason: It works!
  • – Or pack it full of water balloons. Really! Fill up some water balloons, stick them in the freezer, and pop them in your cooler. And once they’ve melted, you can pelt your friends with them. Not a bad idea, huh?
  • – Bring some salt into the game. When you add salt to ice inside your cooler, some cool science stuff happens. Salt lowers the freezing point of the ice. Your Natura chardonnay will be cold in no time!
  • – Freeze some grapes. Frozen grapes are a white wine lover’s best friend. They work just like ice in keeping your wine cold, but they won’t water it down. And when you finish the last drink, there’s a tasty, wine-infused treat for you at the bottom of the glass.
  • – Or make some wine ice cubes. Yes, you’ll have to sacrifice a bottle of Chilean white wine to fill a few ice cube trays, but it will be worth it. Once frozen, you can plop them in your wine glass to keep your beverage cool without watering it down.
  • – Put that old newspaper to good use. If you have a day to plan ahead, use an old newspaper as a DIY cooler. Get it wet, wrap it around your wine bottle, and pop it in the freezer. When you’re ready to hit the beach, the newspaper will slowly thaw while insulatng the wine bottle to keep it cold. Way to reuse and recycle!

There are lots of options for ensuring that your Natura chardonnay or other favorite Chilean white wine stays nice and cold while you’re at the beach. A glass of delicious, cold wine while you soak up the sun and listen to the waves… that truly is perfection!