Does the Moon Affect How Wine Tastes?

If you enjoy wine, it’s likely that you’ve got a favorite brand or vintage. If this is true, then you’ve probably tasted your wine multiple times. Have you ever noticed that it tastes different? You may have discovered that one day your wine tastes good, but a few days later it tastes even better. You may think that maybe you’re experiencing it differently because of the food with which you’re pairing the wine – or maybe you just think that you’re going a little crazy!

How Wine Tastes | Biodynamic Winemaking | Natura Wines of Chile

The truth is, you might not be crazy. The wine that you’re enjoying may taste differently depending on when you drink it. Some believe the difference is due to specific days observed during a process known as biodynamic winemaking. Therefore, how wine tastes may depend on when you’re drinking it in the lunar cycle.

In biodynamic winemaking, the cycle of days is as follows: leaf days, fruit days, flower days, and root days. When you enjoy your wine on flower or fruit days, you may find that the wine tastes much more enjoyable, because the wine tastes more full-bodied and vibrant. Wine that is sampled on root or leaf days may still taste great, but it might not have quite the same depth of flavor that it does on the other days.

Some believe that how wine tastes is affected due to the atmospheric pressure and not the lunar cycle. There are, however, websites and apps devoted to showing when you should drink your wine in order to get the best flavor from it.

So, if you’re curious about how much the lunar cycle affects the taste of your wine, you should conduct your own experiment! Simply grab one of your favorite wines and drink it during what’s classified as a root or leaf day, and then drink it again during a fruit or flower day. Write down your observations and you’ll be able to see, for yourself, how much the lunar cycle changes how wine tastes.