How To Have A Perfect Picnic

Planning the perfect picnic does take a bit of effort and prep time. It’s well worth it, though: a relaxing picnic accompanied by delicious organically grown wines is one of the best ways to a spend a lazy afternoon!

Natura Wines explains how to have the perfect picnic with organically grown wines.

Step 1 – Gather your equipment

Whether you opt for the traditional wicker picnic basket or something more modern, having a large enough container to tote your picnic items is key. Make sure it has an insulated compartment to keep food and drinks chilled, too. Plates, utensils, and napkins and a plastic bag for trash should also be included.


Step 2 – Plan your menu

So many options! Sandwiches and other “simple” foods are just fine, but don’t be afraid to go upscale. How about a charcuterie plate with hard cheeses and a chilled bottle of Natura wines? Or put a twist on picnic staples: for example, amp up potato salad with spring onions and bacon or trade the mayo-laced pasta salad for farmer’s market quinoa salad.


Step 3 – Don’t forget the drinks

Water, sodas, juices, or anything in cans and bottles is easiest. You can also prepare your own drinks, like iced tea, lemonade, or perhaps a sangria made with organically grown wines. Just chill and pour it into a thermos so it stays cold. Pro tip: If you’re packing a bottle of Natura wine (recommended!), don’t forget the corkscrew and plastic wine glasses.


Step 4 – Pack things in the right order

You don’t want to end up with smashed or spilled goodies. Before packing your basket, lay everything out – food, drinks, plates, etc. Start by putting the heaviest items on bottom, distributing the weight as evenly as you can across the basket. Lighter and fragile items go on top. If you’re including your picnic blanket in the basket, put it on top, as it’s the first thing you’ll want when you arrive at your destination. And don’t forget to include any extras, like a bluetooth speaker for music and a pillow or two to lounge on.

There’s nothing wrong with a spontaneous picnic, but taking the time to plan will ensure that your al fresco meal is a success. Bon appetit!