How to Bring Glamping to Your Backyard

Glamping is a new trend that marries traditional camping with modern luxuries. Remember setting up a tent in your backyard as a kid, declaring it your “secret hideaway”? Maybe you kept treasures there, such as books, cool rocks, and pretty flowers. Sometimes reverting back to that childlike state of adventure (with the addition of Natura Wines!) is as easy as setting up a campsite in your backyard.

Carmenere Wine | Natura Wines

Many of us rarely have time at home to enjoy it. We manicure our lawns, but don’t spend time on it. We tend our garden but never relax outside near it. Glamping (glamorous camping) is a terrific way to engage with the nature around us – the beauty that we don’t always have time to appreciate.

When glamping in my yard, you have a variety of options. From setting up a tent every now and then to erecting a semi-permanent structure of scrap wood and canvas. Sometimes the latter option encourages more frequent use: after all, who wants to wrestle with a tent each time they glamp? Having an option to keep the campsite up for spontaneous use throughout the summer is a great choice.

To “glamp” it up, include items you don’t normally take camping. Candles, pillows, an extension cord for electronics, a space heater for cold nights, strings of twinkling fairy lights,  and a bottle of Carmenere wine by Natura. It has subtle chocolate undertones, which perfectly compliment a s’more (or four).

Make your space inviting: use a raised air mattress and layer it with sumptuous comforters and even more pillows.  An area rug can provide comfort and a luxurious feel. Under cover of your structure or tent, you can keep all of this in place for impromptu glamping trips.
Invite friends for some campfire stories, open your favorite Natura Wines, and toast to the great and glamorous outdoors!