How to Backpack with Natura Wines

Backpacking is gritty, challenging, and probably the most fun you could ever have. There’s something magical about surmounting an obstacle and feeling at one with nature. One of the best ways to celebrate an accomplishment is to have a drink, and luke-warm, flat beer simply does not cut it!. Here are a few reasons why screw-top Natura Wines need to make it into your pack.

Sustainable Wines | Natura Wines


  1. They taste good no matter their temperature.

Natura Wines are one of the few alcoholic beverages that taste great at room temperature. The Cabernet Sauvignon, for instance, offers a crisp sweetness from the berries, with hints of vanilla and toffee. But even Natura’s white wines taste great un-chilled.

  1. They are healthier than competing wines.

With fewer toxic chemicals and additives, Natura Wines are a smart choice for the health-conscious. Keeping your food and beverages simple helps ensure you do not suffer an upset stomach while hiking, and sustainable wines are easier to digest – a plus whether you’re on the trail or on the patio.

  1. Little to no hangover.

Afraid to cap off a day of exertion with a glass – or two – of wine because of the  hangover the next morning? With other brands, the sulphur dioxide is a virtual nausea, upset stomach, headache guarantee. Organic wines have lower levels of this toxic chemical. This means you can enjoy some pinot in paradise, and still wake up feeling refreshed and ready the next morning.

  1. They are better for the environment.

Sustainable wines are grown with the environment in mind. The grapes are grown without pesticides and herbicides and vineyards use sustainable, safe alternatives to harmful chemicals. If you love the environment enough to backpack in it, help keep it healthy.
Did we mention that Natura Wines taste great? They do – especially after a rewarding day spent backpacking. Treat yourself with a taste of nature.