How Does Peloton Yoga Work?

Natura wines have long embraced taking hold of life and making it your own. And Peloton has a similar philosophy. This brand has revolutionized the concept of home fitness again and again. It was only a matter of time before Peloton yoga allowed you to turn your own home into a yoga studio.

Peloton Yoga | Natura Wines of Chile

What Is Peloton?

You might recognize Peloton as a technology company that’s completely changed how people access home fitness. They live stream daily classes from New York across multiple countries, and have users participate in leaderboards and other fun ways of tracking progress. Wherever you are, you have digital access to professional instructors who keep you engaged, inspired, and learning new things.

This same philosophy is now being applied to Peloton yoga, and the range of classes is stunning:

Yoga Basics is a good starting point for beginners, where you can learn the most widely used poses safely. Your options quickly expand from there.

Yoga Flow is a Vinyasa-style where you fluidly change from pose to pose in sequence.

Power Yoga is faster and more aggressive. It’s great for adding strength as well as flexibility.

Restorative Yoga slows things down. You use specific props to aid in your balance so you can hold the pose longer. This is a superb way to relax away stress.

Yoga Anywhere is important because not everyone has a big stretch of time to really get into their yoga. This option allows you to do yoga in shorter sessions and in places where you don’t have a mat – perfect for business trips or vacations.

Meditation Basics covers brief tutorials that can help you get comfortable with the idea of focused meditation.

Meditation focuses on clearing your mind and controlling your breathing. These classes are very easy to get started on.

Meditation Anywhere is like Yoga Anywhere – designed for those who have limited time or want to meditate in areas that aren’t “ideal.” It’s a perfect way to slow down a stressful day.

Guided Visualizations can really help you deal with feeling stressed and overwhelmed. They’re a great way to use your mind’s eye to get a better grasp of your emotions.

Peloton Yoga’s accessibility extends to their pricing. New members start at just $20.

Natura wines isn’t partnered with Peloton in any way, but the world’s a stressful place these days. It’s important to share the things we love and find valuable, the things that can help us slow down the world around us and shake out the stress. This is one way to do it that can really help.