4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Wine as part of a healthy diet? Yes! For years we’ve heard that drinking red wine can be a deliver benefits to the body, and science has continued to support these claims. When you drink a great red, like Natura carmenere, here are some of the unexpected advantages you’ll enjoy:

Natura Carmenere | Wine for Yogis | Natura Wines
  1. Stress relief: What’s better than indulging in a glass of red day at the end of a long day? For many people, having a glass of wine can help them relax and unwind, and this is especially important if it’s been a stressful day. Stress can be toxic, causing a host of physical and mental problems. In fact, some studies show that stress can be just as damaging to your health as smoking cigarettes!
  2. Helps maintain a healthy weight: Red wine can also help you maintain a healthy weight, thanks to a fruit compound known as piceatannol. In a study from Purdue University, researchers found that piceatannol contains fat-blocking properties that help prevent the accumulation of fat cells in the body.
  3. Disease prevention: Antioxidants like resveratrol and quercetin are also found in red wine, both of which can help prevent diseases and cell damage. Resveratrol is a heart-healthy compound that reduces the risk of heart disease and improves blood flow. It’s also been shown to help keep the mind sharp and prevent chronic diseases. Quercetin works to eliminate damaging free radicals and inhibit the growth of cancer-causing cells.  
  4. Aids in digestion: Your gut can also benefit from drinking a quality red like Natura carmenere. The polyphenols that are found in the wine trigger the release of nitric oxide, which relaxes your stomach walls when you eat, improving digestion and preventing flare-ups of irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive maladies.

So go ahead and get yourself a bottle of cab, malbec, pinot noir, or Natura carmenere, a favorite wine for yogis, fitness buffs, health enthusiasts, and others wanting to improve their well-being. Just remember that drinking more than a glass or two can have detrimental effects on your health, so enjoy red wine in moderation!