Great Jobs for Outdoor Lovers

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While most of us slave away inside 40 hours a week, there are some folks who are just not cut out for an indoor work environment. Luckily, there are lots of options for earning a paycheck without being surrounded by four walls and a ceiling.  

  1. Vineyard Worker. Vineyards provide ample opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast, whether you’re in charge of picking the grapes or managing the whole operation. Another perk you’ll enjoy on this job? Sampling delicious natural wine…for quality control purposes, of course.
  2. Farmer. Farming is a practical art that deserves far more praise than it gets.  Growing and harvesting food can be extremely rewarding. Farmers are able to bond with nature and witness the awesome power and bounty that she provides.  
  3. Environmentalist.  Earth’s superheroes, environmentalists spend their days protecting natural resources. This is an extremely diverse field, too, so there are several avenues to explore. If you’re an outdoor lover with an analytical mind, this might be the job for you.
  4. Geologist.  Some of the areas of study for geologists include our planet’s history and formation, climate change, and natural disasters.  The world is your lab.
  5. Construction Worker. Construction sites are often outdoors, and getting on a crew will ensure that much of your work week is spent outside.
  6. Forest/Park Ranger. Monitoring and protecting our forests and parklands is an important job, and one that requires a genuine love for the great outdoors. As a ranger, you’ll spend most of your day outdoors, roaming scenic landscapes and educating visitors who have come to enjoy the area.
  7. Landscape Architect. Landscape architects combine natural and manmade materials to create harmonious and aesthetically-pleasing settings. Parks, gardens, office buildings, and other public places are usually planted and maintained by a landscape architect.  

From manufacturing natura wine to protecting the resources that nourish the land, there are plenty of professions for outdoor and wine lovers to pursue!