Why You Should Go Green in 2018

Want to make a New Year’s resolution that has the power to enhance your life – and help the planet? Go green, baby! Here’s why it’s a goal worth pursuing.

Green Wine | Natura Wines

It’s good for you. Resolutions to lose weight, work out more, actually make it to the gym tend to fizzle out. But sustainability is a sustainable goal. For example, if you stock your refrigerator and pantry with fresh produce, locally grown meats and eggs, no- to low-processed foods, and green wine, you automatically cut out artificial and harmful ingredients, while boosting your intake of essential nutrients.

Good for you, good for the environment, good for growers and producers, good for your local economy….

It’s good for your wallet. “Green” doesn’t have to equal “expensive.” When you commit to sustainability, you waste less. So, yes, organic produce may cost a bit less, for example. But if you use it for delicious meals, it won’t rot in your crisper. You’re more likely to reuse items, search thrift and second-hand stores, and repair products rather than re-buy.

And yes, it’s good for the world. It sounds idealistic – the idea that we can effect real change by making small changes in our lives. It is idealistic, and that’s the first step to realistic.

You can adopt simple behaviors every single day, from shopping smart (and knowing when not to shop!) to avoiding disposable water bottles to driving less. You can also join forces with your neighbors: start a community garden, support farmers’ markets, create a ride-sharing program, or campaign for candidates who value the environment.

Going green doesn’t mean sacrificing anything; it simply means being more conscientious with that which is important to you. Take wine for example: Natura Wines are made with the finest natural ingredients and most earth-friendly practices. Enjoy your life, while reducing your impact. It’s possible. It’s green.