What to Get Your Sweetheart for Valentine’s Day

By the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, many of us are fresh out of gift ideas. After the holiday season, our creativity is tapped. We end up getting our sweethearts the cheesy heart-shaped box of chocolates. Which doesn’t go over big when our significant others are health-conscious (or working off the aforementioned holiday season excesses). Need a better idea?

Organic Wine | Natura Rose

The Gift of Relaxation

If your special someone gives his or her all during workouts, a massage is a must. An hour of professional help for the muscles will ensure your partner is super relaxed – and can give 110% at the next gym session. Many people do not give themselves this treat, so it will be extra meaningful.

If your loved one doesn’t enjoy massage, consider a spa treatment or facial (and yes, men can benefit from these options too. More spas are catering to male clients).

Let’s Get Physical

It’s prime time for outdoor adventures. If the gods are smiling on us, you can go for a hike under a blue sky or go for a bike ride together. If you’re indoorsy, try a painting class, cooking lesson, or couple’s yoga.

The Way to the Heart

… is through the stomach. Give your health-conscious love the gift of a home cooked meal. Visit your local market to gather fresh ingredients and pick up a bottle of Valentine’s worthy Natura Rose. Our dry, silky rose is perfect for your special dinner. Try a roasted beet salad with goat cheese and pistachios, eggplant pizza, salmon with dill-pesto sauce… the choices are as endless as they are delicious.

Valentine’s Day needn’t be expensive – or cliche. A nice bottle of organic wine and a love note may be everything your special someone needs. The key is to think with your heart, not your wallet.