Fall Plants that You Need

Ah, fall… that wonderful time of year when the weather cools and leaves dress up in their spectacular autumn finery. There’s nothing better than enjoying Mother Nature’s show, and bringing some of the color to your own yard makes it even better. Get that chilled bottle of Natura Chardonnay and learn which plants yield the best harvests when it comes to beauty and color!

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Mums – With a range of fall hues, mums are a top choice. They’re great in the ground or in pots, and they’re easy to care for. While they may not survive a hard frost, they will dazzle for most of the season – and they look so festive with pumpkins, gourds, and other fall decor!

Pansies – Pansies are another fall classic that deserve a spot at your home.  Displaying beautiful pops of color long after other annuals have died out, pansies are easy to grow and care for.

Sumac – These trees and shrubs are best known for their scarlet coloring in the fall, making them a perfect choice for this time of year. They’re extremely hardy and provide brilliant color in your yard throughout fall and even into the winter.

Root veggies – These fall plants are beautiful on your plate! Potato, sweet potato, rutabaga, beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips, and winter squash varieties are all ready to harvest in the autumn (and you can keep them in a cool, dark place for quite some time). Roast them with a little olive oil, rosemary, garlic, black pepper, and sea salt and enjoy with chicken or turkey and a chilled glass of Natura Chardonnay.

No garden, no problem. If you don’t have these plants in place, just swing by your local farmer’s market. They’ll set you up with gorgeous potted plants, flowers, and root vegetables so you can enjoy while planning for next year!

Incorporating fall plants into your yard is the perfect way to ring in the season. Like your fall plant list, a little variety among organically grown wines doesn’t hurt, either, so check out some of the other whites available, or a deep, rich red to warm you up on those chilly autumn nights.