Fun Facts About Cabernet Sauvignon

How well do you know your Cabernet Sauvignon? For example, did you know it is a varietal widely used as the base for many red blends? If you answered yes: Great! You know your Cabernet Sauvignon trivia! Why not impress your wine-loving friends with some of these facts about Cabernet Sauvignon? Or, in honor of #CabernetDay (Yes, the varietal has its own holiday – the Thursday before Labor Day!), you can host your own Cabernet Sauvignon trivia night!

A desert-like vineyard showing ideal conditions as revealed by these facts about Cabernet Sauvignon

More Fun Facts About Cabernet Sauvignon:

  1. It is believed that the word “Sauvignon” comes from the French word, Sauvage, which means “wild”.
  2. Given that, and the fact that Cabernet Sauvignon can be found growing on every continent except, of course, Antarctica, you might think producing these grapes is a breeze. It is known as a good grape to farm in dry, or even desert conditions such as in Gobi.
  3. Still, chateaus in China go to great troubles to produce Cabernet Sauvignon, which is one of the most popular wines there. In fact, China is the world’s largest consumer of red wine!
  4. Cabernet Sauvignon is so popular for good reason. Researchers found that the tannins in Cabernet Sauvignon act as “scrapers” to fats and proteins that collect on your tongue from the foods you eat. Foods like steak and lamb that have higher levels of these proteins pair extremely well with this high-tannin wine.
  5. Perhaps this is why the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold was in fact a Cabernet Sauvignon?

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