What to Expect in Your First Yoga Class

Intimidated by yoga? Don’t be! Yoga is all about practice, not perfection. It is a process and a learning adventure. If you’re headed to your first class, good for you! Here’s what you can look forward to:

Wine for Yogis | Natura Wines

People in comfortable clothing: don’t let Lululemon fool you. Many yoga practitioners prefer to wear comfortable sweats and tees. You don’t have to get dolled up in the latest, priciest tags. If your clothes are light and breathable, you’ll fit right in. Also yoga is practiced without shoes – another cost you can cross off your list.

Needing the right gear: The best thing you can bring to class is an open attitude. Beyond that, you will need a mat. You may also want a mat towel (which give sweaty hands grip) and water. Your class may require blocks, straps, or balls. Be sure to ask. If you do not own these, you can often borrow or rent them.

Great nutrition. Stay hydrated before and during your class. A light snack is also great to keep your body and mind going strong: ditch the heavy carbs and try an apple, a handful of almonds, a small serving of oatmeal, melon, raisins, or Greek yogurt. Also replenish after with options like green salad, green smoothies, steamed veggies, or a rice bowl with vegetables. We love a salad with avocado, salsa, and re-fried beans paired with a crisp fresh Sauvignon Blanc from Natura Wine.

Early birds. Lots of yoga practitioners use class as an opportunity to decompress and relieve the stress of daily life. Arriving early allows them to set up, breathe, meet and greet classmates, and simply slow down before they begin their practice.

Most of all, expect a tremendously rewarding experience. Yoga is wonderful for the body, mind, and soul. Lately, it’s ultra-trendy to fuse yoga and wine. You’ll find parties, classes with after-sweat drinks, weekend retreats, and more.

So what’s our pick for top wine for yogis? Ah, that’s like picking the top yoga pose! It’s up to the individual. Natura Wine has a terrific selection of clean green wines from which to choose.