Exotic Yoga and Wine Retreats

Wondering what to pair with your favorite Natura wines? What about… yoga. Yes, yoga! The ancient art of subtle movement meets the ancient art of fruitful fermentation. The results: a beautiful experience for the palate and soul.

Natura Wines lists exotic yoga retreats to enjoy with sustainable wines.


Gayle Olson received more than a few raised eyebrows when she decided to start Exotic Yoga Retreats. As she says, “Many people picture baggy pants and dreadlocks, imagine yogis are all vegans and into communal living, or have maybe heard of a few super-skinny celebrities who tout the benefits of green juice. But those are stereotypes.

Her company hosts events that turn stereotypes on their head. Her “healthy hedonist” retreats combine yoga, wine, organic gourmet food, and stunning locations. It is truly a retreat from the cares and worries of the world, an opportunity to indulge and do so healthfully and holistically. They are not designed for the stereotypical yogi, but rather real people who crave refreshment for their bodies and minds. As Olsen says, it is about savoring wine, yes, but also savoring experiences.

While Olsen encountered skepticism initially, wine and yoga are, dare we say it, a natural pair. As sommelier-turned-yoga-teacher Angela Gargano says, “Take it from an expert who agrees that after yoga, ‘the mind is calm so it’s the optimal time to have a glass of wine because you’re in tune with your senses.’”

Yoga is centered around mindfulness, and we can bring that to our wines. For example, when you’re enjoying wonderfully fragrant and flavorful sustainable wines, such as a a bright Sauvignon Blanc, you can contemplate the mastery that goes into each bottle.

You can imagine the Chilean vineyards from which premier grapes are organically grown, hand-harvested, and meticulously transformed into a vibrant, fresh wine. You can inhale the complex bouquet of lime, grapefruit, and herbs, enjoying the crisp freshness. As Gargano mentions, you are in the ideal state of mind. Calm, in tune with your senses.

Turn a cozy night in into a mini wine and yoga retreat. Move fluidly through your poses, and have a chilled glass of your favorite Natura wine waiting. Savor.