How to Enjoy Wine Outdoors

What’s more satisfying than hiking up a mountain with friends, finding a nice flat spot at the top to sit and appreciate the landscape below, and enjoying some wine and cheese you brought with you? 

You can feel the tension of the world below relax itself away. How can you enjoy wine outdoors? As always, we’re here to help!

Enjoy Wine | Outdoor Wine Glasses | Natura Wine1. Follow trail rules.

Yeah, it’s no fun to follow the rules all the time. It’s smart to when you’re hiking, though. These guidelines help protect you, the environment you’re enjoying, and wild animals.

2. Carry it safely.

You may want to preserve the wine in a glass bottle. In this case, pack and pad it safely. There are specially made wine bags for hiking. This may seem sacrilegious, but this makes it a lot easier to carry on a hike, in a boat, or to store if you don’t drink all of it at once. Transfer it smoothly, aerating it as little as possible.

3. Outdoor wine glasses will save you a lot of hassle.

These plastic glasses are nested in a more regular glass shape, and are light in weight and almost impossible to break. They come in various bowl sizes for different kinds of wine.

4. Enjoy wine outdoors with simple foods.

Bring portions of a few favorite cheeses, crackers, and fruits that pair well, as well as vegetables that will keep. Portions should be small and easy to handle. It’s easier to manage two small Tupperware containers than one large one.

5. Wine will warm up as you hike.

Chilling red wine beforehand should be sufficient. For white wines, chill them and then place a freezer pack against your wine bag as you hike. (Lightly wrap the freezer pack if placing it directly against a thermos or bottle).

6. Drink moderately.

Hiking can take a lot out of you. Don’t we know it! You don’t want to over-indulge with miles left to go. Take any needed break before operating a car, boat, or any other vehicle.

7. Clean up!

Don’t leave food or packaging behind. Make sure everything you come in with is something you take back out. You’re there to enjoy wine with a beautiful landscape, so don’t mar it! This also helps keep you safe, so food doesn’t attract animals. It also helps keep animals safe from ingesting food or packaging that’s harmful to them.

Outdoor wine glasses of invigorating Natura wine is just the treat to savor with nature’s bounty. Enjoy wine responsibly!