Does Wine Have Gluten?

When you have gluten sensitivities or medical issues, like Celiac Disease, you must be very careful about what you put into your body. This goes beyond steering clear of wheat. Gluten can sneak its way into everything from ketchup, mayonnaise, and salad dressings to your beer and spirits. But does wine have gluten?

Does Wine Have Gluten? | Gluten Free Wine | Natura Wines of Chile

The good news: most wine is considered gluten free. It’s made from grapes, which, of course, do not contain gluten (a substance found in cereal grains which gives dough its elastic texture). The confusing news: gluten can be introduced through the winemaking process. Sometimes, wheat paste or flour is used to seal oak barrels, for example, or coloring or flavoring are added to the wine. Fining agents (which filter out any visible particles) may also contain gluten.

Gluten, then, can find its way into your glass. However, the final product is usually less than 20 ppm. If you have Celiac Disease, though, you may be highly sensitive to even minute amounts and experience a reaction.

Most people have no trouble imbibing wine, but if you find yourself with symptoms, make sure you ask yourself if, perhaps, you had a glass or two too many or if you have another condition like IBS that could be triggering symptoms. If not, look for a gluten free wine, like Natura. Natura Wines are created from organically grown grapes and are vegan and gluten-free.

When you prefer not to take chances with even trace amounts, select a gluten free wine that you can trust. And enjoy! You don’t have to compromise on taste!