DIY Terrariums

If you love green wine, chances are you’re a lover of the natural world. Indulge. In the wine — and in a gorgeous mini-biosphere. You’ve seen terrariums for sale in garden or other specialty shops. These earthy creations have become increasingly popular for their simplicity and beauty, but they can be expensive to purchase. A frugal — and fun — alternative is to make one yourself.

Natura Wiens is a green wine to drink while making terrariums.


Clean, glass container with an opening large enough to fit plants through

Gravel or other small stones

Potting charcoal




Landscaping accessories, such as figurines or interesting rocks or marbles (optional)



1. Create the base layer by adding a layer of gravel or small stones to the bottom of the glass container. This allows for improved drainage to keep your plants healthy.

2. Add a layer of sand.

3. Add a layer of charcoal.

4. Add a layer of soil deep enough to accommodate your plants’ roots.

(The soil should be the thickest layer; the stones, sand, and charcoal layers combined should equal about ⅓ of your container.)

5. Remove your plants one by one from their temporary containers, knocking off any loose soil clinging to the roots. Start with the largest plant and work your way down in size, positioning each where you want it in the terrarium. Lightly pack the soil around each.

6. Remember not to overfill your container. You’ll want to leave space for the plants to breathe and grow, as well as for any accessories you want to add.



For open terrariums, water your plants about once or twice per week, being careful not to overwinter. The soil should remain slightly moist between waterings, and you should mist it daily to keep the humidity inside the glass up.  

If you have a closed terrarium, you will rarely need to water as it will retain quite a bit of moisture on its own. Do not place your terrarium in direct sunlight as this can damage the plants; opt for natural, indirect light. Prune back dead leaves as necessary.
Terrariums make a beautiful statement in any home. Creating your own is a fun way to spend an afternoon, plus you’ll save money going the DIY route. Pop open a bottle of green wine (Natura wines has several organic offerings to choose from), and let your green thumb take over!