DIY Father’s Day Gifts You Can Make in the Kitchen

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Scratching your head about the perfect gifts for Dad? Put that coffee mug down, and whip up some of these tasty DIY treats instead.

Gifts for Dad | Natura Wines

Bacon Salt

Mmm…bacon. From bacon-topped donuts to bacon mayonnaise, this is a food trend that just won’t quit – and we’re not complaining. And now we can add bacon salt to the list of fabulous baconized foods (and to the list of fabulous gifts for Dad)!

Just fry bacon until it’s extra crispy, then allow it to drain on a paper towel. Once dry and cool, process it in a spice grinder and mix in some salt and pepper. Tell Dad to store the bacon salt in the fridge for a savory addition to eggs, popcorn, and even bloody marys.

Stout Chocolate Cake

When thinking about gifts for Dad, this one’s a no-brainer. Tie on your apron and get your baking game face on. All you need is a stout beer, like Guinness, along with a few baking essentials from the pantry. Try this recipe for mini stout chocolate cakes. Pro tip: Make some extras for yourself while you’re at it. Trust us.

Flavored Simple Syrup

Inspire Dad’s inner mixologist by gifting him delicious simple syrup. This is a tasty staple, and with a few herbs and other flavors, you can elevate it to wow-worthy. Try mint, Thai chili, rosemary clove, and blackberry lavender. Find more ideas here, as well as instructions for making your own infused simple syrup.

Candied Jalapenos and Garlic

Looking for a spicy, savory topping for some of Dad’s favorite foods? Candied jalapenos and garlic are perfect on comfort foods like nachos and burgers. They pair great with a charcuterie platter, too – think salami, brie, crackers, and grapes. This is an ideal spread to serve with crisp Natura wines. Making candied jalapenos and garlic is a bit more labor-intensive than some of these other kitchen DIY options, but hey, dads are worth it, right?

DIY gifts are extra special. They come from the heart, and when you take time to make something for someone else rather than just buy a gift at the store, it means a little more. This Father’s Day, show Dad just how much you love him with yummy homemade treats (and hopefully he’ll share). You’ll earn extra bonus points from Dad for pairing your treats with Natura wines!