Discover the Story Behind Our Organic Vineyards: Why Sustainable Wines Matter

Sustainability has a been cornerstone of organic vineyards for years now. Progressive vintners recognize the value that organic, sustainable practices bring to not only the winery but to those who enjoy the final product.

Organic Vineyards | Natura Wines


There are many reasons why we use “green” winemaking practices and source our fine wines from sustainable vineyards. Perhaps the most important is that it enables us to maintain that critical balance between us and the earth – and to produce high quality wines that are better tasting and better for you.

Many people think sustainability is simply conserving water and recycling. While both of these are important components of it, we take being green much farther. We apply a comprehensive approach when producing our sustainable wines that starts with our commitment to biodynamic agriculture.

These growing practices recognize the land as a living being with a natural balance that is derived from many elements, including the plant and animal kingdoms and the rhythms of the sun and moon. Human intervention should never upset this balance, and we strive to maintain it at our organic vineyards.

The effects of organic and sustainable practices can be profound, and you can see them right here at our winery. We don’t use pesticides or other toxic products; instead, we rely on nature’s defenses to promote healthy growth of our grapes and other plants. Chickens provide pest control at the vineyard, and nutrient-rich compost delivers natural fertilizer to our vines.  This commitment to a natural, toxin-free environment results in sustainable wines with improved flavor profiles that are better for your health.
And this is why sustainability matters when it comes to wine. Drinking wine is all about the experience, and sustainable wines give you a heightened, more enjoyable experience for all of your senses. It’s also one that you can feel good about, because you know you’re contributing to a practice that is good for the earth and the people who live and work it.