Crystals for Nature Lovers

Gems, crystals, and stones have played a major part in nearly every religion and culture. What is it about them that can help us feel so connected to the Earth? They each evoke something different by their shape, color, and – most importantly – by their story. What can we understand about a favorite list of crystals and how they keep us closer to nature and ourselves? And is there something this can teach us about natural wines, foods, and other aspects of our lives?

List of Crystals | Natural Wines | Natura Wines of Chile

Let’s start with a list of crystals that are prized:

Agate comes in many forms. It needs a hollow place to form and can do so in trees or roots. It can look soft and malleable, but it’s a hard rock. Its story is one of healing, of growing something beautiful in the places that were once empty. This gives it very nurturing characteristics.

Amber is fossilized tree resin. It’s renowned for its honey-like appearance. Even though it’s hard, it looks like it should pour right out. It evokes warmth and joy.

Kyanite can be a hard and jagged looking mineral, and it reminds us of the wildness of the earth itself. It’s often blue or black as a deep night and features small columns at odd angles. The columns evoke order while the jumbled way it grows keeps chaos alive. In this way, kyanite reminds us to live in ways that respect the health and power of nature.

Magnetite is an iron ore. Its crystals often form in tight clusters together, creating a sense of the close bonds of community. 

Malachite is understood to represent everything green and natural in the world. Its glittering facets and swirling patterns are entrancing. Some cultures view malachite as a meditative aid that can help you feel grounded and healed. 

Moldavite is a beautiful forest green. Nearly all moldavite comes from one place in the world: Southern Bohemia in Germany. This is where Nordlinger Ries Crater is located. It’s the site of a meteorite that hit the planet 15 million years ago. With such a special story, moldavite makes for an inspiring talisman to feel connected to the universe beyond our own world.

Peridot is a glassy, olive-colored gem that’s been used as a healing stone in many cultures. It’s one of the few gems in the world that only comes in one color. It’s often found in ancient lava flows and signals shifts toward more positive habits.

Any stone you find lovely is one that can evoke something in you. If you encounter it in nature, perhaps it looks beautiful where it is. Perhaps it’s a stone to take home with you. Or perhaps there are crystals you find reassuring to carry with you. Enjoy your time in nature, and when you aren’t sure what a crystal is, look it up and learn. 

Naturally (ha ha), most nature lovers prefer natural wines and foods at the end of a day of exploring. Organic food and organic winemaking practices are crucial to look for, since these can help you keep your energy up and stay consistent. It’s important to nourish both ourselves and the world around us. Make choices in all things that can do both.