Clean Wines: What Are They?

Many health- and environmentally-conscious people are familiar with the concept of “eating clean.” They swap out the processed, packaged, and artificial ingredients for whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats. A clean lifestyle can extend to everything from pet food to your beauty products to your cleaning products… And your wine

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What Are Clean Wines?

People have been drinking wine since there have been grapes! But as winemaking and farming techniques evolved, they started introducing chemicals, from pesticides to keep insects and animals from eating the harvest to sulfites to prevent bacterial growth and prolong shelf life. Today, you can expect a conventional wine to contain dozens of chemicals to boost color, scent, longevity, and add a sweet taste. Extra, extra sugar is common in many wines.

The meaning of “clean wine” is up in the air, with many arguing about acceptable levels of this or that. But we prefer a far simpler definition: it is wine created from grapes that are grown organically and sourced from sustainable farms that embrace biodiversity and eco-conscious farming and production methods. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not used, and sulfites, if added, adhere to the EU standard of 100 ppm.

This preserves the unique characteristics of the grapes and the regions in which they are grown, as well as eliminating any unwanted ingredients. While wine has a more complex recipe than just crushed grapes, any extraneous additives are eschewed.

Clean Wine Brands

So, you’re at your favorite liquor, wine, or grocery store, picking up a bottle of pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, or another of your favorites. How can you spot clean wine brands? Look for wines labeled “Made from Organically Grown Grapes,” which will have sulfite levels of 100 ppm or less. This will also indicate that the grapes were not exposed to toxic chemicals.

Wines are not required to list all ingredients, so it is helpful to know some brands before you head to the store. Natura Wines, for example, is a trusted producer of clean wines. Better yet, they are an exquisite complement to any meal, any long day, any celebration….

Indulging in a glass of wine both feels and tastes better when they are “clean.” Skip the artificial, and enjoy what nature has to offer.