What Are the Characteristics of Chilean Chardonnay?

What makes Chilean chardonnay brands different? Chardonnay from this isolated region has unique qualities that take advantage of the area’s climate. Chilean chardonnay characteristics start with an enduring and hardy grape that creates tropical fruit flavors surprisingly close to a sauvignon blanc.

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Chilean Chardonnay Characteristics

The first thing you’ll notice about Chilean chardonnay is how it blends those tropical fruit notes with a pronounced minerality. Chile is famous for creating wines that are smooth and elegant, yet earthy and striking at the same time.

The acidity of Chilean chardonnay brands is high, while still introducing itself in a full-bodied way. When chardonnay from this region is compared to sauvignon blanc, it’s because of its ability to pair well with dense meals with oil or fatty elements. Both are ideal with rich fish and white meat, as well as with hardy green vegetable options.

Both sing with fresh herbs and sauces with heavy herbal elements. Chilean chardonnay has more of a tropical fruit flavor and persistent finish as compared to sauvignon blanc’s focus on peach elements and crispness, so it can actually pair better with many seafood options.

Chilean Chardonnay Brands

There are many options to choose from. Chilean chardonnay is incredibly popular. How do you narrow your choice down? A good idea is to look at the terroirs that specialize in particular varietals. The Casablanca Valley is an area that winemakers expanded into for the express purpose of making some of the most accomplished chardonnays on the planet.

The Casablanca Valley is just northwest of Chile’s capital Santiago. With rolling hillsides and cloud-crested mountains in the distance, it’s one of the most beautiful places you could ever see. This is ideal wine country, and probably comes closest to the fantastical images we have of wine country in our heads. Rolling fog gives way to high clouds in one of the most stunningly unique climates in the world.

A big reason for this is that the Casablanca Valley is closer to the equator than any European vineyard is. Yet the valley opens up to the Pacific Ocean and grapes here benefit from the fresh, cool, salty sea air and soil that’s high in clay. The cooling effect and cloud cover creates a unique habitat for chardonnay. Try a Chilean chardonnay brand from this region, such as Natura’s unoaked chardonnay. Citrus flavors mingle with elements of pineapple and surprisingly refreshing herb notes, all delivered with a mouthwateringly velvet texture.