Camping Must-Haves & Essentials

If you want to do more camping, more power to you! It’s peaceful, calming, and exciting. Get back to nature with these essentials:

Green Wine | Natura Wines

The Basics: A tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads are the bare necessities (though some people do enjoy sleeping under the stars and camping with nothing more than what’s in their pockets). Comfort does matter, so make sure you get a cush pad and a bag rated for your weather conditions.

The Right Tools: You may need a hammer or mallet to pound in your tent stakes (though a rock can do in a pinch). Also make sure to bring a good multi-tool, which can do anything from cut your food to pick out your splinters, a small saw for firewood, matches and fire-starter, and flashlight with batteries and bulbs.

The Clothing Makes the Camper: The right clothes are a must to keep you warm, dry, and safe. Bring boots and synthetic or wool socks (and then extra socks!), moisture-wicking tees and underwear, layers (thermal underwear or Under Armor, tees, long-sleeved shirts, vests, jackets), rain gear, and booties or sandals to wear at your site.

Food. Because… food. Pack a small camp stove and fuel, a grate to go over the campfire, tin foil, water and containers, and the pots and pans you’ll need. Remember, one-pot creations are delicious – and they lighten your pack substantially! An all-purpose canteen cup and metal spork will do for your “china.”

Hot dogs and marshmallows are great, but why not expand your repertoire? Whip up some Campfire Mushrooms: heat butter and olive oil in a cast iron skillet. Add shallots, garlic, and rosemary (the fresher, the better!). Add your choice of mushrooms (crimini are excellent, as are portabella. We don’t like to choose, so we use both!). Stir in some your favorite red organically grown wine and simmer for about five minutes. Serve over steak or enjoy the mushrooms on their own.

Packing some delicious green wine will certainly make up for the aches and pains of sleeping on the ground! It’s worth its weight in your pack, and it goes with everything. Even marshmallows.

You can rough it and still eat like a king or queen! Get out and enjoy our beautiful scenery.