What Is Biodynamic Wine?

You can be forgiven for not understanding what biodynamic wines are. Even if you’re someone who enjoys exploring the wide world of wine, the term “biodynamic” can be a bit confusing. The truth is, however, it is one of the hottest trends in the wine world and is not only beneficial for the environment, it’s absolutely delicious as well.

Biodynamic Wines Defined

Biodynamic wine is the term given for varietals produced by a vineyard that has created a sustainable ecosystem. Instead of “treating” the vines and the grapes with harsh, toxic chemicals, the winemakers allow nature to do all of the work. For example, sheep may be left to roam throughout the vineyard plots. This not only helps to contain the weeds it also helps to fertilize the vines. Ducks may also be seen wandering the grounds which helps to keep the bugs to a minimum.

There are four different types of days biodynamic farmers need to follow: root days, flower days, fruit days and leaf days. Each of these days has specific tasks that must be completed during these days. Root days are when the pruning should take place, flower days are when it’s best to leave the vineyard alone, fruit days are when it’s best to harvest, and on leaf days the plants should be watered.

By allowing the land to work as it does naturally, and allowing the animals to fertilize it and rid it of the bugs, it leaves the farmland not only as good as it was before it was being used for grape-growing, it leaves it even richer. But do biodynamic wines taste different? Yes! The best biodynamic wines taste pure, clean, refreshing – and simply amazing. Enjoy a glass of one of the best biodynamic wines today (obviously, we’re partial to Natura); you’ll immediately smell, feel, taste, and savor the difference.

Natura Wines Organic-Biodynamic Vineyards: An Infographic

Natura Wines Organic-Biodynamic Vineyards: An Infographic

Organic agriculture is one of the best ways to obtain more balanced, healthy and productive vineyards, which translates into better quality of grapes and sustainable wines.

The organic movement can be a taken a step farther, though, through the use of biodynamics. The guiding philosophy of this style of farming is that natural elements are connected and dependent upon one another: the plants, the soil,, the animals who provide natural fertilizer, and the water and sunlight necessary for survival. It’s a self-sustaining cycle of growth that allows bio-dynamic farms to thrive.

For a vineyard like ours producing organically grown wine, maintaining a biodynamic codependency is a critical part of crafting clean, balanced offerings. It starts with soil itself, which is never exposed to synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Rather, we rely on natural versions of these products. Doing so allows our vines to grow in safe, toxin-free conditions.

The result: healthier, stronger roots and vines that can withstand drought and other stressors that inevitably occur. Bio-dynamic practices even produce greater yields of healthier crops, thanks to the improved soil quality and overall plant health.

Taking these steps also ensures that our impact on the earth is minimal. In fact, implementing bio-dynamic practices can benefit the planet by reversing some of the problems that conventional farming methods can cause, including soil degradation, toxic residues, and even loss of genetic diversity can occur with standard practices.

We believe that cultivating a symbiotic and biodynamic environment in our vineyard is at the heart of crafting great wine. With all elements working together in harmony, our organically grown wine is smoother, cleaner, and more delicious. When you pair with farm- and garden-fresh foods, you truly know you’re nourishing your body and soul. So let’s a raise a glass of green wine to biodynamics!

Maintaining Biodynamic Codependency

Agriculture: Each of our vineyards is a faithful reflection of the organic practices we use, which are based on encouraging biodiversity and the absence of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers to produce healthier foods.

Understanding the cycle and rhythms of the sun, moon, planets, and their influencers, we program the different activities and agricultural work using the biodynamic calendar, thus obtaining higher quality in our wines.

Why do we choose this type of agriculture? 

We care for the earth.

We avoid environmental problems, in the future.

We improve the quality of our grapes and wines.

Organically Grown Wine | Green Wine

Interactive Vineyard: It is fundamental for us to promote the development and consistence of different species within our vineyards. Alpacas, horses, cows, birds, hens, gallinetas, geese, etc. all live at Emiliana and fulfill fundamental functions within the vineyard.

Trees, plants, and flowers have a general objective to increase the biodiversity, as far as vegetation is concerned, as well as to benefit insects, birds, etc.

Our workers are the ones that make this project unique to Chile possible, day by day, meeting the highest quality standards, which are finally reflected in the wines we want to share with our consumers.

At Emiliana, we have international certifications that demonstrate our commitment to sustainable wines, respecting workers, the environment and the community.

Why Sustainable Wines Matter

Do you prefer red or white wine? How about green?

Sustainability has a been cornerstone of organic vineyards for years now, and it has taken center stage in the wine industry. Winemakers across the globe have stepped up, implementing sustainable methods that produce green wine that’s not only better for the planet, but better for you too! Progressive vintners recognize the value that organic, sustainable practices bring to not only the winery but to those who enjoy the final product. 

Organic Vineyards | Natura Wines

There are many reasons why we use “green” winemaking practices and source our fine wines from sustainable vineyards. Perhaps the most important is that it enables us to maintain that critical balance between us and the earth – and to produce high quality wines that are better tasting and better for you.

Many people think sustainability is simply conserving water and recycling. While both of these are important components of it, we take being green much farther. We apply a comprehensive approach when producing our sustainable wines that starts with our commitment to biodynamic agriculture.

These growing practices recognize the land as a living being with a natural balance that is derived from many elements, including the plant and animal kingdoms and the rhythms of the sun and moon. Human intervention should never upset this balance, and we strive to maintain it at our organic vineyards.

The effects of organic and sustainable practices can be profound, and you can see them right here at our winery. We don’t use pesticides or other toxic products; instead, we rely on nature’s defenses to promote healthy growth of our grapes and other plants. Chickens provide pest control at the vineyard, and nutrient-rich compost delivers natural fertilizer to our vines.  This commitment to a natural, toxin-free environment results in sustainable wines with improved flavor profiles that are better for your health.

And this is why sustainability matters when it comes to wine. Drinking wine is all about the experience, and sustainable wines give you a heightened, more enjoyable experience for all of your senses. It’s also one that you can feel good about, because you know you’re contributing to a practice that is good for the earth and the people who live and work it.

Natura Wines Gives Back to Nature

As creators of clean, delicious biodynamic wines, Natura Wines is committed to using sustainable processes that are also socially and economically responsible. We view the vineyard as one single, interconnected organism; from cultivating organic grapes of exceptional quality to caring for the land which gives us so much, we are committed to treating the earth with respect. Nature gives us so much (including beautiful, natural wine!) – and we want to give back.

Natural Wine | Biodynamic Wines | Natura Wines of Chile

10,000 Trees

If you are ever stressed, anxious, or worried, stepping out and walking through nature is an effective, gentle way to get grounded. We often take our forests for granted – but they are essential. Not only because they’re beautiful and peaceful, but because they provide habitats for animals and humans alike. They prevent soil erosion, mitigate climate change, absorb harmful greenhouse gases, supply water, and provide fuel- and food-security for billions of people.

They are also under threat from wildfire, deforestation, insects, and disease. Massive forest losses are devastating for all of us. In 2015, Natura proudly partnered with the Reforest Patagonia, committing to plant 10,000 native trees in Patagonia, Chile. We were then inspired to support the National Forest Foundation here in the US. For every bottle of natural wine we sell, we plant a tree.

Natura Wines’ Brand Director Lauren Marano says, “Natura is a brand that is constantly inspired by nature and is born from a philosophy that you get back what you put into the earth.”


Our goal: plant 10,000 trees. Our #SipForSomething campaign encourages customers to post a pic of Natura in Nature. You post, we plant!

Biodynamic Wines | Natural Wine | Natura Wines of Chile

Thanks to Natura wine lovers like Matt T., we are confident we’ll reach our goal! So open your favorite bottles of red or white biodynamic wines, pour yourself some glasses, and enjoy (bonus points if you drink your natural wine in a gorgeous setting like Matt did!). Savor each sip knowing that we planted a tree for you.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2019 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.