Natura Wines Gives Back to Nature

As creators of clean, delicious biodynamic wines, Natura Wines is committed to using sustainable processes that are also socially and economically responsible. We view the vineyard as one single, interconnected organism; from cultivating organic grapes of exceptional quality to caring for the land which gives us so much, we are committed to treating the earth with respect. Nature gives us so much (including beautiful, natural wine!) – and we want to give back.

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10,000 Trees

If you are ever stressed, anxious, or worried, stepping out and walking through nature is an effective, gentle way to get grounded. We often take our forests for granted – but they are essential. Not only because they’re beautiful and peaceful, but because they provide habitats for animals and humans alike. They prevent soil erosion, mitigate climate change, absorb harmful greenhouse gases, supply water, and provide fuel- and food-security for billions of people.

They are also under threat from wildfire, deforestation, insects, and disease. Massive forest losses are devastating for all of us. In 2015, Natura proudly partnered with the Reforest Patagonia, committing to plant 10,000 native trees in Patagonia, Chile. We were then inspired to support the National Forest Foundation here in the US. For every bottle of natural wine we sell, we plant a tree.

Natura Wines’ Brand Director Lauren Marano says, “Natura is a brand that is constantly inspired by nature and is born from a philosophy that you get back what you put into the earth.”


Our goal: plant 10,000 trees. Our #SipForSomething campaign encourages customers to post a pic of Natura in Nature. You post, we plant!

Biodynamic Wines | Natural Wine | Natura Wines of Chile

Thanks to Natura wine lovers like Matt T., we are confident we’ll reach our goal! So open your favorite bottles of red or white biodynamic wines, pour yourself some glasses, and enjoy (bonus points if you drink your natural wine in a gorgeous setting like Matt did!). Savor each sip knowing that we planted a tree for you.