Which Type of Yoga Is Best for Stress Relief?

What are the best yoga poses for stress relief? Many types of yoga share the same or similar poses, but they differ in the approach and mentality you take when practicing. Different styles will serve different people with different abilities. Always remember that a glass of Natura wine can help you relax even more after a yoga workout.

A woman lying on a yoga mat face down while doing one of the best yoga poses for stress relief

These two types of yoga couldn’t be more different:

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga was developed to help people recover from illness, and cope with chronic illness. It’s also good for those feeling overwhelmed, something more and more common these days.

The goal is to help people feel supported so they can rest in relaxing poses. This often translates into literal support: restorative yoga utilizes props such as cushions and blocks to help you find good poses you can rest in at length.

The lighter approach can be less stressful and more restful for bodies. That makes it ideal for the significantly over-stressed, the ill and chronically fatigued, and in some cases even those recovering from injury.

It can also be very beneficial for the elderly. If ill or injured, always consult your doctor before starting any kind of yoga regimen, and follow their instructions as to what your limits should be.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga focuses on relieving physical tension in your muscles. It demands a bit of positive strain on your joints, so it’s best practiced by those who have good joint health.

The Yin yoga approach will have you hold postures for minutes at a time, but you won’t force you into them. The idea is to gently apply stress to improve the posture over those minutes.

It’s superb for really stretching out tight muscles, so it makes a great practice for athletes who want to develop more flexibility.

It’s also a great practice for those who sit in a single position for much of the day, ranging from office workers to truck and public transit drivers.

Best Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

There are a number of yoga poses that come from a variety of yoga schools, that can be very helpful for relaxation:

Easy Pose: Easy pose or Sukhasana may not be easy for all – at least not at first. Employing a forward bend helps you stretch out your back, lower back, and hips. It’s great for those feeling tightness from sitting all day, and can make a world of difference for anyone suffering sciatica.

Corpse Pose: The unfortunately named pose nonetheless helps you relax and meditate. Many yoga schools practice Savasana, but Yoga Nidra – or yogic sleep – may take it the furthest. It employs visualization, progressive relaxation (body part by body part), and various breathing techniques, just to name a few elements.

Rabbit Pose: Also known as Sasangasana, this is for practitioners with some experience. By pressing the tops of your feet and your head down, and stretching your arms overhead behind your back, you meld control with release on your neck and shoulders.

Make sure you drink water when you need it, especially if you’re going through a deep series of poses. When you’re settled after yoga, enjoy a responsible, sustainable drink to relax, such as Natura wine.