The Best Wines to Try from Chile

When you think of the big wine regions of the world, what comes to mind? France, Italy, Napa Valley… But what about Chile? This South American country has quickly become a producer of some of the world’s most exceptional wines, generating a lot of buzz and plenty of praise for Chilean wine. Here are some of the superstars you need to try

Chilean Wine | Natura Wines
  1. Cabernet: In terms of Chilean wine, Cabernet is the most recognized; the grapes that produce Cabernet sauvignon are planted more than any other variety. Chilean cabs are usually lighter in color than other Cabernets, with less tannic flavor. Fruit notes as well as smoky peppers are also characteristic of this type smooth operator.
  2. Chardonnay: Another top choice; the vintages coming from Chile are quite similar to those produced in California. The tropical fruit flavors are all there, but Chilean chardonnay has a nice burst of extra acidity that is lacking in California chardonnays. Fruit forward with a rich, spiced finish, you’ll find it the perfect complement to fresh seafood and straight-from-the-garden salads.
  3. Pinot Noir: Recognized worldwide for its smooth and rich fruit flavors, with creamy, spiced finishes, ,Chilean pinot noir is a fantastic choice for savory winter dishes or for summertime steaks on the grill. The pinots from Chile tend to have low tannins, which contribute to the smoothness and overall ease of drinking.
  4. Sauvignon Blanc: Reminiscent of a white Bordeaux, Chilean sauvignon blancs are known for their bold notes of peach, citrus, and minerals. Explosive fruit flavor followed by a smooth, stony finish make sauvignon blanc an excellent choice for food pairings of white meat like chicken and pork, as well as seafood and pasta dishes.
  5. Carménère: Carménère is quite similar to merlot. However, the presence of pyrazine, an aroma compound, is one factor that differentiates carménère from merlot, giving the wine more savory flavors of pepper and cocoa. Mild tannins and fruits like plum and black cherry balance the wine. This sexy beast is perfect with strong cheeses, pastas, and red meats.

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