The Best Wine to Bring to a Party

What is the best wine to bring to a party? It depends on the host, the guests, and the reason for the party. It also depends on what’s being served and what season it is. Wait, isn’t this article supposed to make the choice simple? It sounds more complicated than ever!

Best Wine to Bring to a Party | Wine Hostess Gift | Natura Wines
  1. Don’t overwhelm yourself with it. The most important factors are these: what does the host or hostess want? What do you want to bring?
  2. Choosing a wine to bring to a party is as much about the connection between you and the host. If there’s a wine that you two shared once that brings back a memory, then that’s more important than even the perfect pairing.
  3. If you bring wine to a party, you bring it as a gift, and gifts are about connection. So don’t stress it. The best wine to bring to a party is a wine that excels in one or two ways that you think are important, rather than one that checks off every single box without being special.
  4. Maybe there’s a wine cocktail recipe that you really want to share with the host and guests. Bring the wine that lets you create it.
  5. You know the host and they love to bake desserts, for example. Perfect. Bring a dessert wine that will pair with their favorites. Everyone else will bring a dinner wine, and the host will know and appreciate why you thought outside the box.
  6. Maybe your wine has a story associated with it. There’s no better icebreaker!
  7. Perhaps the host doesn’t have some piece of a wine serving set they really want. In that case, choose a wine that pairs well with the planned meal, and focus your attention on a wine hostess gift that helps them complete their serving set.
  8. As you mingle, don’t be afraid to open up your wine and serve it. Why should it sit with everyone else’s wine just waiting to go into a cabinet?
  9. And if you still don’t know, that’s OK. Just ask the host what they need or want! Wine that you bring to a party doesn’t have to be a surprise. Maybe they’ll just be thankful someone actually asked them their thoughts. Not many people are this considerate of the host at a party.